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We're dedicated to mastering the art of landscaping. You supply the vision, and we'll do the rest.

 Our Services:

Platinum Landscape & Exteriors LLC strives to provide outdoor living spaces that our clients will be proud of and enjoy for many years. We supply the highest quality plant material, present creative landscaped designs, all with extensive knowledge and customer service beyond compare. 


List of services:

Trees & Shrubs - Plants from well known growers are an important part to a great landscape. In order to have a great landscape, you must have plants and sod that are grown and cared for properly. We will teach you how to care for your new plants and sod to keep everything looking healthy and beautiful.   


 Installation of the plants and sod:

Our beds are prepared with quality bedding soil along with proper drainage, ensured by amendments in the bedding soil. When planting trees, we mix Tree Saver or Superthrive with the original soil to assist establishment and produce a healthy root structure. For flowers, we use Color Star to help stimulate root growth.


Irrigation System:

We have a licensed irrigator and technicians on staff(LI009916). Hunter systems with rain and freeze sensors to allow the system to accommodate frigid temperatures or wet weather are used. Our irrigation systems ensure proper head coverage for adequate water distribution. Flower beds are on separate zones from the lawn, as they typically do not require the same amount of water. The system's controller allows several different ways to water your landscape.



                                                                            Drainage can range from tying in your gutters to prevent

                                                                              from  washing out your flower beds to installing catch basins in areas

                                                                             that hold water. Black Corrugated pipe or White Sewer and Drain pipe

                                                                            is used depending on your preferences and the application for which it

                                                                          is being used. Proper drainage helps in many ways. We make sure that

                                                                        water will flow in the proper direction in order to keep from other

                                                                        problems arising.



We use Vista or FX Lighting in all of our low voltage lighting systems. These systems vary from lighting your flower bed and trees, to illuminating your pool area, front lead walk or any other element you would like to highlight.



Our stonework can include a multitude of option designed for your lifestyle. Stone borders (dry stack or mortared), Flagstone patio with dwarf mondo; Flagstone lead walk with granite, dwarf mondo, or sod; Concrete pavers for a lead walk or patio; and even just installing gravel along the side of the house where grass will not grow.


Water Features:

Water features can vary from pots with water drizzling down the sides to waterfalls with a pool area. Water features can add such a tranquil feel to any landscape.